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Sisterhood of the Tiny House Revolution Bundle

Sisterhood of the Tiny House Revolution Bundle

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Four clean and sweet short romances condensed into A SINGLE EBOOK.

Comes with bonus series prologue and epilogue.

Each love story highlights sweet, fallible couples destined for their HEA.

Your single Ebook delivery will include the titles listed below:

  • The Dream & The Real Thing (Fated Love)
  • Letting Loose & Letting Love (Enemies to Lovers)
  • For Better & For Worse (Second Chance)
  • I Was Blind & Now I See (Fast Friends to Lovers)
  • Series Prologue (Available only with the Bundle)
  • Series Epilogue (Available only with the Bundle)

Main Tropes

  • 💖 Fated Love
  • 💖 Workplace Romance
  • 💖 Enemies-to-Lovers
  • 💖 Love at First Sight
  • 💖 Second Chance
  • 💖 Friends-to-Lovers
  • 💖 Boss/Employee
  • 💖 First Love


The Dream & The Real Thing

She's never been kissed.
And she'd like to invite Liam to rectify that many, 
times over...if she can ever find the courage to tell him.

Aleeyah has big dreams. But that's all she's had. This year is going to be different, though. With the help of her new Tiny Home crew, she's determined to see at least two of her visions come to life: her fabric design career and her new tiny home!

Liam has dreams of his own; and when the architect spots the whimsical, enchanting Aleeyah he has a feeling she's a big part of them.

But there's one catch...the only romance Aleeyah's ever experienced has been on the page, on the stage or on the big screen.

Do Liam and Aleeyah have a shot at the real thing? Or will their relationship end up being just the stuff of fantasies?

Letting Loose & Letting Love

Adulting is Hard...but Enjoying Life Like a Kid Once in a While? Turns Out That Can Be Even Harder..

For Sarai and Josiah it was "grudging respect and easy annoyance" at first sight.

But what could you expect when two individuals that live by checklists and the phrase, "Get It Done" are thrown together?

Josiah's been the father figure in his family for a long time. Childhood was barely a blip on his screen. So when it comes to taking care of business, he knows his business.

Now, if only someone could inform Sarai of that. Because with every determination Josiah makes about the construction of her tiny home, Miss Organized sweetly offers another (good) suggestion.

When Sarai suggests they could each use a little help loosening up, he's as aggravated as ever to find how easily he offered to partner with her in that quest.

But maybe they're just what the other needs to discover a life that's bigger than their to-do lists.

For Better & For Worse

He wishes he could take back his words from years past; words that still ring in her mind and heart to this day. Now, thrust together once again, is there anything left of the love story they once shared?

As Ashe prepares to complete the tiny house she's longed for much of her life, an unanticipated reunion with her first love dredges up a history riddled with disappointment and heartrending choices.

Stephen's regretted the circumstances of his and Ashe's breakup since their college days. Now, as adults, he sees a chance to show Ashe that she's the priority in his life---above all others. He just hopes she gets the message from him, loud and clear.

As these ex-lovebirds assemble a nest meant for one, can Ashe be convinced to make room for Stephen, too?

I Was Blind & Now I See

He’s not her type. And she’s not his. So why does everything seem to point to the opposite?

Rachael’s free spirit and sense of adventure has led her to a group of fast friends who, together, have decided to build their individual dream tiny homes.

But she never counted on befriending a fireman, in the process.

Luke checks off all the NO’s on her list. And she’s definitely not the wifey material he’d envisioned. But as the two get to know one another, priorities are questioned…at least for one of them.

As Luke realizes what he truly wants, Rachael fails to realize that she’s not as free as she thought.

Will she take a leap of faith with Luke? Or will Rachael let her biggest fear burn their hopes to ashes?

Intro Into Chapter 1

Chapter 1 (The Dream & The Real thing)

“Aright, let’s do this!”

Aleeyah Tennison added her hand to the two others stacked in the air in front of her, grabbing and shaking them for emphasis.

Three pairs of eyes, including her own, turned to the last woman in attendance with them at the restaurant’s standing table.

Finally, one last hand slid atop the stack, warming the back of Aleeyah’s. And Aleeyah squealed in delight as a wide grin forced itself upon her face.

Those three other hands belonged to one Miss Rachael Jackson, Sarai Smith and Ashe DuBois, women she’d met in the “Black, Female and Tiny Housing” forum she’d happened upon just a few months ago.

Being among the most regular users on the site, the ladies eventually branched off into their own conversations, off-forum, to swap pictures, articles and videos that inspired their fantasies about taking the plunge into that simplified lifestyle.

And today, they’d met for the first time.

The result? Magic. And the decision to make their tiny house dreams a reality, together.

And not only that…they were going to see this thing realized in just a few months.

“Now, you’re sure this guy you found can handle these projects all at once?” Sarai asked, ever the pragmatist. 

“Yeah, girl,” Rachael assured. “I mean, he’s got his own business and everything. His references are great. And his work is outstanding.”

Aleeyah nodded, leaning over to look at Rachael’s phone screen. “I can’t believe how detailed he is. And he’s the designer, too?”

“Well, it says here on his website that they offer design services. So that probably means someone on his staff, I’m guessing. As long as it’s a one stop shop, I don’t care about the details. I’m really trying to put as little thought into this as possible.”

“But we want the best results, of course,” Sarai interjected, firmly.

“Of course! I guess what I mean is that there’s enough on my plate, right now. If someone else can show me a comfortable design that fits my needs, I’ll be happy. Especially given the level of quality this company displays. I feel totally confident putting my plans in their hands.”

“Or your lack of plans?” Sarai questioned, amused.

“Well, we don’t all have to have every inch laid out in our heads before a pen is laid to paper.” Rachael shrugged. “I’m more concerned with changing my lifestyle than the means that gets me there. Man, I can’t wait.”

Aleeyah watched the dynamic between the two women and inwardly shook her head. She chanced a glance at Ashe who sat quietly smirking at the exchange before turning to meet Aleeyah’s gaze. Agreement rang in the woman’s otherwise peaceful expression. 

Yes, Rachael and Sarai were oil and water, and yet somehow this shared vision served as one of the bonds that’d brought each of them together. But boy, she thought with a wince, it was obvious they would all be in for a particularly bumpy ride. One that she hoped they all survived.

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