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A Novel and Two Novellas

The Bonfire Circle Series

The Bonfire Circle Series

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Follow the tales of the individuals gathered around one source of light: the bonfire circle hosted at a retreat for singles and couples.

Pick up this heartwarming collection of feel-good, mostly clean romances revolving around a cast of oft-times nerdy, sometimes introverted, and always everyday individuals striving -- and at times failing -- to live a life that honors their Christian faith, their dreams and those whom they love.

Series Titles:

Whatever It Takes (A Novel)

  • Friends-to-Lovers
  • Second Chance
  • Hidden Identities


Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl.
Man does whatever it takes to win woman back.

During a pivotal period in their 20’s, Ta'Mara (a driven introvert) and Jared (an easy-going, kind soul) surprisingly found kindred spirits in one another.

Years later, as older adults who have bad decisions, rash decisions and over a decade of separation between them, the hope-filled romance novels that Jared authors are an ode to the one that got away,

But now that Ta'Mara's within reach, what will he do to help their dreams become a reality?

Bound to Love (A Quick Read)

  • Arranged Marriage
  • Marriage-of-Convenience
  • Strangers-to-Lovers


When does a marriage become more than a contract?

They each have their own reasons for agreeing to a short-term marriage; but neither could have planned for the long-term consequences that the arrangement would spur.

When it's time to make the decision to part ways with each other, or sacrifice the very things they'd hoped to save, what will they choose?

Tender and Kindling (A Quick Read)

  • Younger Man
  • In the Wilderness
  • Unrequited Love


Do they have what it takes to start a lasting flame?

Hair nicely braided, Lydia is ready for the weeklong Christian retreat she'd signed up for.

What she wasn't ready for was this younger man preparing to teach her something new!

Logan was volunteered to take on the responsibility of keeping the retreat's nightly bonfires going strong.

He had all the tools he needed to maintain a flame:

Logs? Check. Tinder? Check. Kindling? Check.

But what he hadn't planned for is that it'd be Lydia, and only Lydia, who would provide the spark.

Please Read:

These stories are a bit spicier than general Clean & Wholesome.

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