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For Better & For Worse (Quick Read)

For Better & For Worse (Quick Read)

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He wishes he could take back his words from years past; words that still ring in her mind and heart to this day. Now, thrust together once again, is there anything left of the love story they once shared?


As Ashe prepares to complete the tiny house she's longed for much of her life, an unanticipated reunion with her first love dredges up a history riddled with disappointment and heartrending choices.

Stephen's regretted the circumstances of his and Ashe's breakup since their college days. Now, as adults, he sees a chance to show Ashe that she's the priority in his life---above all others. He just hopes she gets the message from him, loud and clear.

As these ex-lovebirds assemble a nest meant for one, can Ashe be convinced to make room for Stephen, too?

Intro Into Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Building four tiny houses in just a few months seems a bit hurried,” Ashe DuBois interjected, pacing her words to fall slowly so as to ensure her concern would not be lost in the midst of all the excitement.

Three pairs of rich coffee colored eyes turned to meet her own, and Ashe felt her chin lift a fraction as she found herself staring down the barrel of each woman’s scrutiny.

The ladies who were now so politely awaiting further explanation were one Miss Sarai Smith, Miss Rachael Jackson and Aleeyah Tennison; women she’d met in the “Black, Female and Tiny Housing” forum that Ashe had joined just last year.

Being among the most regular users on the site, the ladies had eventually branched off into their own off-forum conversations to swap texts and emails bearing pictures, articles and videos that inspired their fantasies about taking the plunge into that simplified lifestyle.

As an unspoken rule, they each would try to include as many examples as possible of other ladies of the chocolate variety who had taken the plunge.

But today was distinct from all of their prior conversations. 

Because today, they’d met in-person for the first time.

The result? Enthusiastic conversations that had, somehow, evolved into their making the decision to realize their tiny house dreams, together.

The idea thrilled Ashe–it really did. She’d been plotting out plans to achieve that goal on her own for just over two decades since she’d first heard about it in her late teens. But despite all her planning, she felt reassured to be able to take that leap with women who could share in both the triumphs and disappointments that might arise.

The only thing she wasn’t so sure about was the ambitious timeline that Rachael had proposed. A timeline that the other two ladies had far too easily latched onto.

“So we don’t back out!” Rachael exclaimed, her thin, hooped earrings swinging in time with her movements. Soft, dark curls sprung from her head, the locks of her favorite wig turning blonde as each fluffy coil neared its end. “Plus, I mean, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! The four of us. Making this happen. Together! I’m about to have some crazy content for my blog and other social media,” she finished, smiling smugly to herself.

Sarai’s voice chimed in, then. “Why wait, Ashe?” she gently prodded. “As long as we have the right contractor–which Rachael may have already found–and we get a solid timeline together, this is doable.”

“Yes, but–” Ashe began.

“I love my apartment—but I’d trade it in a millisecond for my very own custom, butterfly home.” Aleeyah sing-songed, grinning, her gaze swinging upward as if a mirage of that house were floating somewhere above her head.

“I just think it’d make sense to talk to some contractors first,” Ashe suggested more forcefully. “Get a feel for them, as well as for the scope of the project before we move ahead. And get a solid idea of what’s expected of us, as well. That way we can avoid surprises–so we can be sure about what we’re getting into and what outcomes we can expect.”

Sarai put down the phone, which she’d been attending to throughout much of their conversation, and reached across the table to rest her hand upon Ashe’s.

“You’re making great points.” She quirked her brow, grimacing slightly as she admitted, “Points that I should probably be making myself, actually.” Sarai shrugged. “But I just—well, I need to make this happen, Ashe, for myself. This is my thing, not my ex-husband’s. This is a turning point. And I’m ready for it. I guess meeting you all has given me the encouragement I needed to step out of my comfort zone. And that’s so hard for me to do, lately. I don’t want to risk going back.” 

Sarai caught the other two ladies’ eyes. “But it’s not my decision to make for everyone else.”

Rachael shook her head, “Oh, Girl, I’m the same way. I need someone to light a fire under my–well, you know. With the four of us, I feel like it can happen.” She took a sharp intake of breath as her gaze shifted to Ashe before fluttering back to Sarai.  “Or with the three of us.” She turned back to Ashe, “No pressure, Ashe. But you know,” she said, grinning widely, “that I will be calling you to rub our progress in your face every step of the way.”

“Rachael, I have no doubt you mean that,” Ashe said, finding herself chuckling despite her discomfort.

“I’m down,” Aleeyah said, simply, her grin still buoyant. “I need a change, too. In so many ways.” She laughed quietly to herself, her gold butterfly earrings dangling, catching glints of the sun. “Maybe this’ll give me the courage to pursue my other dream.” She scrunched her lips before correcting, “Dreams.”

“So we’re doing this, ladies?” Sarai challenged, laying down the phone that had, once again, found its way into her grasp.

Sarai then placed her hand in the center of the circle the four ladies created around their table. Her hand hovered in the space alone for only the slightest length of time before a second hand landed atop it. 

“I’m in!” said Rachael.

“Alright, let’s do this!” Aleeyah added her hand to the two others stacked in the air in front of her, grabbing and shaking them for emphasis. 

They paused, looking at Ashe. 

With a smirk and shake of her head, Ashe placed her hand atop Aleeyah’s, prompting her friend to squeal in delight.

All the while, Ashe’s heart drummed against her chest. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to do it; it was just that she had a feeling she couldn’t shake. 

She had a feeling that this rushed decision would change their lives in more ways than they could predict.

And that could be a good thing. 

Or not.

Main Tropes

  • Second Chance Romance
  • Forced Proximity

Please Read:

The Sisterhood of the Tiny House Revolution series is a Contemporary Christian Romance Series. Episodes may feature a sprinkling of light/mild profanity and a dash of heat. Recurring subject matter consists of mostly clean romance, interracial romance, cinnamon roll heroes or alpha rolls and the thick / curvy, cinnamon roll ladies they're smart enough to fall in love with.

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